Friday, May 27, 2011

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Nepali FM Stations and Community Radios are increasing day by day. As mainly community FM are established in most of the districts and still more are in progress. The development of FM stations helps to share the local news and views, entertainment news and gossips to the people in the local area as well as through online streaming it can be shared to the local people residing all over the world who are keen to listen their local voice. As  Media is known as the 3rd eye Nepali FM and Radios have plays a vital role in development of a local districts in different sectors as well as spreading News to people. Also in community Radios of Nepal you can listen Kaya Kairan and BBC Nepali Sewa  every day.
From Nepali FM Online we just tried to explore the Nepali Voice to the entire world where Nepali people are staying far from there Home. This is just an attempt to Introduce you almost all Nepali Fm stations that are streaming Live Online.

Enjoy your Time Listening to Nepali FM stations and stay in touch with Nepal's News, Views and Reviews.
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Online Nepali FM Stations - A to Z Arranged

Note :- Sometimes due to Internal errors Some FM may not Go Online